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IOR and Aapryl Announce Partnership to Deliver Enhanced Investment Solutions for Institutions

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IOR and Aapryl Announce Partnership to Deliver Enhanced Investment Solutions for Institutions

Philadelphia, August 10, 2023 – Investment Office Resources (IOR), a leading provider of institutional investment services, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Aapryl, an innovative investment analytics platform. This partnership brings together the expertise of IOR’s experienced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) team with Aapryl’s advanced manager evaluation capabilities to offer institutions a truly comprehensive investment solution.

Aapryl’s platform provides a unique approach to manager evaluation, allowing institutions to compare managers based on performance within their style factor and peer group. By identifying skillful investment managers and predicting their likelihood of outperforming peers in the future, Aapryl enables institutions to make more informed investment decisions. Additionally, the platform offers insights into outperforming style factors, asset classes, and market trends, empowering institutions to optimize their asset allocation strategies.

Through this partnership, IOR leverages Aapryl’s cutting-edge technology to further enhance its Institutional Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Specialty Resourcing services. This collaborative model pairs IOR’s seasoned institutional investor and data scientist team with Aapryl’s advanced manager and peer group data and functionality to create a robust and differentiated investment support function available to investment decision-makers.

IOR’s commitment to innovation and excellence in investment services has been recognized by Chief Investment Officer Magazine, which awarded IOR the prestigious “OCIO of the Year” honor [CIO Magazine, December 2021]. This partnership with Aapryl further solidifies IOR’s position as a leading provider of comprehensive investment solutions.

“Institutional investors are constantly searching for better and more impactful resources. We are thrilled to partner with Aapryl to further enhance the investment support we provide to our institutional clients,” said Anthony Waskiewicz, Founder and President of IOR. “By combining Aapryl’s advanced analytics capabilities with our existing analytic capabilities and experienced CIO team, we can offer actionable insights desired by high-functioning investment programs. We are excited to continue to innovate and strengthen the solutions we can provide to the market.”

“We are excited to collaborate with IOR, a leader in the institutional investment space,” added David Andrade, General Manager of Aapryl. “By integrating our analytics platform into IOR’s comprehensive offering, we can provide institutions with powerful tools to evaluate managers, identify market trends, and optimize their investment strategies. Together, we are poised to deliver impactful solutions to the institutional investment community.”

About IOR: IOR was launched to offer institutional investors a new resourcing alternative. IOR provides nondiscretionary specialty resourcing services for the hardest to resource investment office functions and discretionary CIO Services using a differentiated, award-winning model [CIO Magazine, December 2021]. Our platform delivers flexible access to skills, domain expertise, specialization, and sophisticated solutions that are otherwise difficult to access with traditional resourcing options.

About Aapryl: Aapryl’s platform compares managers by evaluating manager performance in the context of their style factor and peer group to identify truly skillful investment managers and predict those most likely to outperform their peers on a go-forward basis. The platform can also determine which style factors and asset classes are outperforming and identify market trends to better inform asset allocation.

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