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How Aapryl Helps Mutual Funds

Portfolio Management Solution for Mutual Funds


Aapryl provides enhanced
portfolio management solutions for Mutual Funds

There are currently more mutual funds than there are stocks in the US. This abundance of product makes the mutual fund business challenging both to deliver performance and to grow assets. First and foremost, mutual funds must perform. While top performing fund managers must have top quality security analysis and trading operations, they must also create optimal portfolios, understand the risks in their portfolio, be aware of the market environments in which their strategy should do well, and be able to distinguish their true alpha from the style effect. This requires the right investment tools to provide them with unique insights into their portfolios.

Additionally, the abundance of funds has made the fundraising environment intensely competitive. To be successful, managers must understand how investors are analyzing their performance, know how their performance compares to that of their peers, and be able to explain how the fund can fit into an investor portfolio using a traditional matrix. Again, this requires the right investment tools.

Aapryl is a platform that provides portfolio managers with the unique insights they need to be top performing fund managers. Additionally, Aapryl provides insights into the competitive landscape to facilitate raising assets.

Aapryl platform allows mutual funds to…

  • Provide a unique understand of how institutional investors and their consultants are evaluating and analyzing their performance.
  • Distinguish their fund from competitors’ by gaining a deeper understanding of performance managers.
  • Understand the market environments that the fund will perform best.
  • Identify factor exposures and associated risks.
  • Know if a fund is exposed to risks from crowded trades.
  • Help managers understand their performance in the context of their peers.
  • Place funds in an optimized portfolio to help illustrate how it can meet investor needs.

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