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How Aapryl Helps Universities


Aapryl provides enhanced
portfolio management solutions for Universities

With a fiercely competitive job market and thousands of graduates entering the market each semester, it is paramount that universities provide students with every advantage possible to set them on the path for success post-graduation. Universities that combine classroom theory with real world application, through Aapryl, produce higher skilled graduates that are now more competitive when entering the business world.

Aapryl provides universities with an education tool that bridges the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application. Aapryl provides educators and students with access to a database of mutual funds, investment managers and market indices through a state-of- the-art Software as a Service platform used by leading industry professionals.

Both faculty and students will benefit from using Aapryl as a learning, teaching, or research tool. Aapryl’s core functionality provides professionals with manager research, portfolio construction, and risk management functionality which can be utilized in an academic environment to provide a more practical education. Using Aapryl, students and faculty can research real world issues in the same manner as investment professionals. This will help faculty better prepare their students, improve students’ chances of both getting and excelling at top investment jobs, and reflect well on colleges and universities.

Aapryl is a platform that enables teachers and students to:

  • Apply real world applications to theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.
  • Gain exposure to an analysis tool used by investment professionals throughout the industry.
  • Gain a deeper and more practical understanding of advanced statistical and investment concepts.
  • Perform both graduate and undergraduate level research.
  • Collaborate on group projects.

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