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Aapryl Reports for Managers


Aapryl Reports for Managers

Many of the top pension funds are using the Aapryl platform to gain insight into your products and skill. Aapryl’s manager skill prediction algorithms increase the likelihood of choosing tomorrow’s top performing managers, rather than yesterday’s. See what they see to with our customizable Aapryl Reports and be fully prepared when stepping into the boardroom.

How Managers Can Take Advantage of Aapryl

Our goal was to create a product that allows managers to not only understand their portfolio at a deeper level, but also be able to communicate their value to clients in a clear and concise manner. Aapryl provides investment managers the ability to present their information to current and prospective clients in a manner that clients can understand easily with in the context of their true peers:

Style Engine

Benchmarks by which managers assess themselves are too broad, and thus fail to define the true style of a given asset manager. Aapryl addresses this problem…

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Skill Analysis

Once a manager’s style is identified, their “true excess return” or skill can be calculated and decomposed. Traditionally, Excess Return or alpha is calculated…

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When comparing managers to other managers, utilizing benchmark as the sole filtering criteria is not sufficient. A manager’s true style can vary…

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The calculation methodology within Aapryl’s skill analysis minimizes the past performance limitation evident in traditional metrics e.g. Information…

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Market Trend Analysis

This provides users with an expectation of how managers can be expected to perform in various market environments. The chart also displays the returns of…

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