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  Style Analysis

Fund Manager Investment Style Analysis and Factor Profile Tools

Fund Manager Investment Style Analysis and Factor Profile Tools


Style Analysis provides insight into a manager’s performance as a large part of the performance is driven by market factors or “betas”.  Aapryl’s Style Analysis decomposes a manager’s historical returns into the “betas” so that users can understand what is driving a manager’s returns, identify changes in a manager’s strategy, and distinguish true skill from market return.

Aapryl’s Style Analysis module goes beyond most traditional style analysis programs. It not only shows the exposures and how they have evolved over time, but also how the exposures react to different market environments and economic regimes.  This allows users to more accurately predict future manager performance.

Style Analysis

Aapryl’s Style Analysis module provides users with a deeper understanding of the drivers of a manager’s returns, identifies changes in a manager’s strategy, and isolates the market component of a manager’s return to identify true skill.

How Style Analysis Works

Start a Style Analysis

Style Analysis offers the ability to further analyse a Managers style, or investment approach.

Select a Universe

Select a single or multiple Products to compare.

Analyze Results

View multiple charts and tables which provide historical measurements of a products style, and other attributes.

Style Analysis Highlights for Fund Manager Investments

  • Analyzes the performance of key portfolio factor combinations or “styles” from stock selection to provide insight of the texture of a manager’s return.
  • Identifies exposures to factors that explain the drivers of a manager’s return beyond typical styles such as value and growth.
  • Distinguishes skill from luck when analyzing manager returns.
  • Identifies changes in a manager’s portfolio.
  • Determines the economic environment in which a manager is most likely to provide excess return.
  • Improves diversification and potential alpha generation by determining the factor positioning of a manager or a cluster of managers relative to the economic cycle.
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