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Aapryl Congratulates University of Vermont for winning the Total Impact Portfolio Challenge

Aapryl looks forward to working with universities in the future to help them bridge the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application. Aapryl, LLC a provider of predictive manager selection and portfolio construction software, congratulates the team from University of Vermont for winning the Total Impact Portfolio Challenge. Launched in 2018 by Wharton Social Impact […]

Aapryl Expected Alpha

Anyone who has ever looked at a mutual fund fact sheet or an investment manager performance report has seen the phrase “past performance does not guarantee future results” posted somewhere on the page. Of course, including this disclaimer is required by virtually every regulatory authority when presenting investment performance. In reality, most of us ignore this warning. We believe that we are smarter than the average investor and that the disclaimer is government mandated language that simply does not apply to us.

Introducing Opportunity Score

When evaluating college applications, admission officers try to ascertain whether applicants took advantage of opportunities in high school by taking available advanced placement and honors courses. The purpose of the inquiry is to determine if prospective students took the risk of challenging themselves with harder courses or did they play it safe and take the standard courses.