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How do you determine whether potential managers are skillful or have just been lucky?

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Aapryl Modules

Return Simulator

For short track record managers, return simulator robustly extrapolates performance to the minimum required for meaningful analysis.Read More

Skill Screening

Identify high-success probability managers with style-independent forecasting that isolates stock selection skill.Read More

Skill Analysis

Decompose performance to segregate factor bias from stock selection skill.Read More

Style Analysis

Make more thoughtful timing calls by matching managers to phases of the Style Analysis.Read More

Portfolio Analysis

A risk budgeting framework allowing users to optimize portfolio weightings among multiple managersRead More

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Our team would like to prepare a personalized demonstration of Aapryl's platform, showing how we help institutional investors and asset allocators streamline their investment manager due diligence process by providing them a scalable process to help with resource management, risk management and reporting.