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Become A Channel Partner

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Centralized Database and Analytics Solution Integrating Numerous Market Leading Providers

  • Increase the Probability of Identifying Skilled Fixed Income and Equity Managers
  • More Accurate Benchmarking to capture significant and persistent style effects and to derive more objective, accurate and insightful Peer Group Analysis
  • Address the Past Performance Limitation and Improve Your Quantitative Screening Process
  • More Accurate Alpha Target for Mean Variance Optimization
  • More Insightful Manager and Portfolio Performance Analysis

Give Your Users Added Value:

  • Aapryl’s factor cloning process diagnoses a manager’s factor exposure tendencies, which result in a more refined benchmarking tool to assess true manager skill (alpha).
  • Aapryl’s peer grouping process results in a more precise peer group comparison and ranking as it groups managers with similar factor profile instead of relying on manager identified peer group.
  • Aapryl Score is a more efficient way to screen high probability managers who will rank in the top quartile of their peer group 3 years forward saving research time.
  • Aapryl’s market cycle chart provides a visual on which segment of the market a manager is expected to outperform.
  • Aapryl’s optimizer allows for the use of less mean reverting Aapryl Alpha score as target input for optimization.

API Analysis and Client Value

Integrate datapoints into your application that help your clients find value.

With thousands of managers to choose from and limited time to learn about the different managers, fiduciaries must be able to drown out the noise and focus on what is important: Skill. Aapryl can leverage your precious time, expertise and finite resources to improve portfolio performance.

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