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How Aapryl Helps Wealth Managers


Aapryl has predictive capabilities and helps Wealth Managers separate manager skill from factors. The platform consolidates multiple sources of data into a one-stop platform to make it easier to analyze. We provide tools to streamline processes, monitor risk, and increase your comfort with recommendations.

Aapryl’s portfolio replication techniques allow you to identify key factor exposures and to separate the effects of factors from skill. Compared to other quantitative assessments, it provides the Aapryl Score which goes further in providing a predictive indicator. A machine learning engine (using neural network algorithm) is utilized to answers the question, “compared to the average manager in a category how likely is a manager to finish in the top quartile over the next 3 years?”

Aapryl will allow Wealth Managers to:

  • Perform deeper due diligence in a more productive and efficient manner.
  • Identify skilled managers that are more likely to outperform going forward.
  • Analyze new or emerging managers with shorter track records using a proprietary tool.
  • Back up your recommendations with data to help you present and defend to committees or clients.
  • Understand the market environments that your recommendations will perform best.
  • Create an optimized portfolio to help illustrate how it can meet investor needs.

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