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  Skill Screening

Investment Fund Manager Research and Performance Indicators

By systematically stripping away manager styles affects, users can screen manager universes and rank their constituents by more stable, predictive and persistent measures of skill that is isolated from inter temporal changes in market conditions.

Aapryl’s Skill Screening Module allows allocators and investors to quickly hone in on managers with a high probability of exceeding their respective peer groups and benchmarks. With over 25,000 investment managers to choose from, investors and/or allocators face a surfeit of investment manager choices. This has led to patterns of hiring investment managers that appear to be at the top of their game but revert to average or even poor performance. Most investors begin their manager selection process with quantitative screening designed to identify top performing managers. Investors then supplement the screening with time consuming qualitative and security based analysis on a select group of managers. The flaw in this process is that the quantitative screens used by many investors identify the wrong managers, meaning that the managers identified in the screen are not the most likely to outperform in the future. This creates an inefficient process. Aapryl’s Skill Screening Module creates a more efficient process because performance is not persistent, but manager skill is. Our proprietary forecasting methodology looks beyond explaining past performance to identify a more persistent measure of manager skill. The methodology is designed to isolate and analyze the active decisions of the manager over time. This adds efficiency to the manager selection process by identifying the managers most likely to outperform going forward thus saving investors time and effort analyzing the wrong managers.



Aapryl’s Skill Screening Module identifies which products within a Universe possess the best likelihood to outperform its peers.


Select a Universe to rank its constituents.


View a ranked list of Managers or a single manager and filter in/out specific criteria and attributes.

Screening Highlights for Fund Manager Research:

  • Predict future outperformance more accurately than traditional skill screening tools using our proprietary methodology.
  • Identify the characteristics most correlated with persistent skill.
  • Incorporate predictive statistics such as our proprietary Aapryl Score into a quantitative analysis.
  • Include a manager’s style when assessing skill as opposed to other screening methods that often favor investment styles which happen to be in vogue.
  • Spend time more efficiently by focusing on managers most likely to outperform.

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