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How Aapryl Helps ETF Providers


The abundance of ETFs has made asset sales intensely competitive. Asset management providers need the intelligence on their products, their competition and how the ETF impacts recommended lists or models. This requires the right investment tools.

Aapryl provides you a clear view of the factor DNA of your ETF. Manager research teams and consultants are using factor-based analysis to dissect your portfolio. Aapryl provides the intelligence on not only your ETF but your competitors! Speak the same language as your clients and prospects. Know your factor exposures and be able to highlight manager skill.

With access to the full Aapryl database, you can help manager research teams properly fill in the gaps on their list with quantitative data and charts to back up your positioning and make your product stand out—hopefully leading to increased sales and sticky assets.

Aapryl platform allows you to:

  • Provide a unique understand of how institutional investors, intermediaries and consultants are evaluating and analyzing your ETF or ETFs.
  • Effectively communicate where your product adds value, why, and how your ETF impacts positioning within an allocation or recommendation list.
  • Distinguish your ETF from competitors by analyzing their portfolio factors. Use this intelligence to win new business.
  • Understand the market environments that your product will perform best.
  • Identify factor exposures and associated risks.
  • Place products in an optimized portfolio to help illustrate how it can meet investor needs.

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