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Aapryl and Emerging Manager Monthly Partner to Offer Enhanced Manager Performance Insights

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Aapryl and Emerging Manager Monthly Partner to Offer Enhanced Manager Performance Insights

Philadelphia, PA – March 2, 2022 – Aapryl, LLC (“Aapryl”), a provider of predictive manager selection and portfolio construction software, announced today a new partnership with Emerging Manager Monthly (“EMM”), the only news publication solely focused on the emerging and diverse manager industry. Starting this month, EMM will leverage Aapryl’s manager performance analytics in its coverage to provide readers with unique insight into institutional industry trends, asset class performance and manager rankings.

Aapryl’s cutting-edge analytical tools evaluate manager performance in the context of their style factor and peer group to identify truly skillful investment managers and predict those most likely to outperform their peers over the next three years. While managers often credit themselves as skillful when their fund style is simply in favor, or blame underperformance on an out of favor style, Aapryl’s platform distinguishes between skill and style effect (or luck) to develop a more accurate and forward-looking ranking. The platform can also determine more broadly which style factors and asset classes are outperforming and identify market trends to better inform asset allocation.

“We are constantly striving to enhance the information we provide to our readers and our partnership with Aapryl will create a new quarterly feature that will offer unique and valuable insights into where the performance of emerging and diverse managers falls within the overall marketplace and among their peers,” EMM Editor Matthew McCue said.

“We’re excited to bring our proprietary performance insights to the readers at EMM to help participants across the institutional industry make better investment decisions. Our analytics support allocators with a more efficient manager selection process as well as helping managers gain a better understanding of their positioning in the market,” said David Andrade, General Manager of Aapryl.

Aapryl’s data will be integrated into Emerging Manager Monthly’s quarterly manager rankings, annual Emerging Manager Awards and monthly market insights. Check out the latest issue of Emerging Manager Monthly to learn more at

About Aapryl

Aapryl, a subsidiary of Xponance Inc., is a financial technology company that provides investors with cutting edge tools designed to identify the top investment managers and build portfolios and manage risk for both equity and fixed income funds. Additionally, Aapryl has a Manager Diagnostic analytical tool for investment managers wanting to understand how they are being viewed by investors and consultants, comparing their results relative to their peers. Because many systems that investors use only provide traditional statistics on a manager’s past, investors are often choosing investment managers without any insight into how they might perform going forward. Aapryl solves this problem by leveraging a unique methodology that allows investors to identify managers that are most likely to be successful in the future relative to their peers. For more information on Aapryl please visit us at or for more information on Xponance please visit us at

About Emerging Manager Monthly

Emerging Manager Monthly is the only publication focusing solely on the emerging and diverse investment manager industry. Since its founding in 2006, the publication has been the must-read resource for this unique sector of the market.

Emerging Manager Monthly covers investment manager search leads, industry trends and investor profiles that assist small, boutique and women- and minority-owned asset management firms in learning about, understanding and succeeding in the institutional asset management space while also highlighting emerging managers and their strategies for asset allocators looking to access undiscovered managers.


David Andrade
General Manager, Aapryl

Matthew McCue
Editor, Emerging Manager Monthly

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