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City of the Future

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City of the Future

“Welcome to Urtopia, the finest utopia ever created!” A voice stated over the tram.

“To the right are the farms that feed us and to the left are the parks. We are about to enter City Center and the tram will now go underground. This helps the atmosphere while reducing congestion and it’s an efficient way to move people and goods around the city.”

This is the beginning of one of my short stories. I write children’s books on the side. I enjoyed imagining the city of the future.

Technology does change how we work but hasn’t eliminated the need for humans. A platform like Aapryl can free you up to work on connecting the dots. This is what makes investment managers the real money.

Can we use technology to create a better society that aligns with our values? Marc Lore, an entrepreneur, is proposing a new city called Telosa. Look it up.

Aapryl may scare some analysts who think the struggle with technology will end up taking their jobs. This isn’t new. Think horse carriages to autos. Then came Henry Ford and the assembly line-changing jobs but making new ones. Computers were to replace humans in the 1990s. We are still waiting.

Take a leap and embrace technology.

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