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Be quick but don’t hurry

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Be quick but don’t hurry

Automation and technology might make it easier to be quick. At the same time, we have all seen mistakes on reports or hurrying to interpret the data presented to us. Having a system which plots trends over time, can be helpful to prepare for interpreting the information. Technology alone or for that matter, robots, may increase decision speed, but the real power is the human interpretation of data to make quick decisions.

Aapryl is a platform for manager research teams to quickly analyze investment products. These decisions aren’t made in a hurry as investors are relying on the thoughtful decisions of asset allocators.

“Be quick but don’t hurry” was a frequent phrase that famed U.C.L.A. Coach John Wooden used at basketball practice, and it has great application to the business world. For those that don’t know, Wooden won ten National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) national championships in a 12-year period, including a record seven in a row. His philosophy and approach to winning is often quoted.

A former player, Andy Hill, wrote a book called Be Quick- But Don’t Hurry based on his time with Coach Wooden. I have heard Andy speak. He has an interesting back-story as well (check him out).

Nowadays most people are in a hurry. Hurry to get tasks done at work, hurrying to take the kids to activities and constantly in a rush to text or react to social media. Many people are working from home, so the hurrying all gets piled in together, making us prone to get sloppy.

Coach Wooden points out—”hurrying causes mistakes”. If you properly do the prep work, then you can make quick decisions on the court. He encouraged his players to make sure they know their role and how teammates are relying on them to do their job.

In the game of basketball, we all know where the ball is at any time. It is orange and everybody wants it. If you expect the ball at a specific point, let’s say after you cut towards the basket, and the person with the ball doesn’t deliver it quickly, then you won’t get a shot. And your effort is not properly recognized.

In work, the basketball may not be as obvious. Maybe a teammate is trying to deliver a winning proposal, and she needs something from you. The ball might be a piece of information you possess, or a PowerPoint slide needed to complete a presentation. Don’t forget to deliver the ball and quickly. A sense of urgency is what drives winning results.

Leaders need to give their players/workers the tools to properly prepare. Encourage your team to be quick without undue pressure to hurry results. Build the foundation and make sure they have the needed skills to win.

Using a platform like Aapryl can free you up to have more time to think and connect the dots, will lead to a winning formula. Hopefully, you can have a career record like John Wooden’s over your career: 29 Years, 664-162, 80.4% wins.

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