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How Aapryl Helps Pension Funds

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Aapryl provides solutions to the challenges facing pension plans

Trustees and pension professionals face a plethora of daily challenges in performing their duties. As fiduciaries, they must make the best possible investment choices for the plans for which they are responsible to ensure that pension obligations are fully funded. In public plans, decisions and results face public scrutiny as retirees rely on their arduous work and judgement. Two of the specific duties involved in managing pensions include asset allocation and investment manager selection. Asset allocation involves choosing the right mix of investments from the many asset classes that will provide the highest probability of a plan meeting its obligations. This is a complex task requiring portfolio optimization that balances the potential returns and risks of each asset class. Choosing the best investment managers is equally complex and requires a disciplined investment manager selection process. With thousands of managers to choose from and limited time to learn about the different managers, fiduciaries must be able to drown out the noise and focus on what is important. Additionally, fiduciaries must be able to show that their decisions were based on sound criteria that are best for the plan. This requires challenging work, research and the right tools.

Aapryl is a platform that enables more effective investment manager research. It allows retirement plans to…

  • Allocate time more efficiently by only researching managers that are likely to provide excess returns.
  • Perform deeper due diligence with fewer analysts in a more productive and efficient manner.
  • Identify & screen for top performing fund managers using techniques developed through research.
  • Understand the market environments wherethat managers will perform best.
  • Know which managers are exposed to risks from crowded trades.
  • Understand a manager’s performance in the context of its peers.
  • Optimize portfolios based on mean-variance or our proprietary analytics.

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