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How Aapryl Helps Wealth Management Funds

Portfolio Management Solution for Wealth Managers


Aapryl provides enhanced portfolio management solutions for Wealth Managers

In today’s hyper competitive world, wealth managers face many challenges.  Wealth managers must help clients meet their financial goals by investing their clients’ assets wisely, while at the same time having enough time to spend with clients so that they can grow their business.

On the investment front, wealth managers must perform investment manager research that will identify top performing fund managers.This investment manager selection process requires challenging work and is time consuming so adding efficiency without sacrificing quality can be critical to a successful practice. Similarly, building client portfolios with the optimal asset allocation is equally critical as clients rely on their wealth managers to make sound investment choices on their behalf.

At the same time, wealth managers need to run their business. This means they need to engage in marketing, servicing and strategic activities. Meeting with clients, prospecting and differentiating themselves from the competition are all time demanding activities that fall into this important category. To meet these demands, wealth managers need the right set of tools to help them work efficiently, meet their clients’ needs and grow their practice.

Aapryl is a tool that provides solutions to help financial advisors better serve their clients and grow their practice.  It allows advisers to…

  • Allocate time more efficiently by only researching managers that are likely to provide excess returns creating more time to spend with clients and prospects.
  • Distinguish themselves from competitors by gaining a deeper understanding of managers.
  • Improve portfolio performance by selecting the best managers.
  • Preform deeper due diligence in a more productive and efficient manner.
  • Identify & screen for the best managers using techniques developed through research.
  • Understand the market environments that managers will perform best.
  • Know which managers are exposed to risks from crowded trades.
  • Understand manager performance in the context of their peers.
  • Optimize portfolios based on mean-variance or our proprietary analytics.

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