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How Aapryl Helps Consulting Firms

Portfolio Management Solution for Institutional Consultants


Aapryl provides solutions to the challenges that
institutional consultants face in the course of their business

Institutional consultants face many challenges. It is a highly competitive business and consultants are expected to produce top-tier research while enduring shrinking margins. Whether serving pension plans, endowments or other institutional investors, clients expect their consultants to identify and research top performing fund managers. This requires an investment manager selection process that is designed to efficiently identify and analyze managers.

Consultants must also understand their clients’ needs. For example, pensions must fund their obligations and endowments have minimum spending requirements. This expands the consultant’s role beyond investment manager research to creating an asset allocation framework that is best for their clients.

Finally, institutional consultants must help their clients understand the managers in which they are investing and how their portfolio is designed. This requires both face time with clients and reports that will help tell the story.

Aapryl is a tool that provides solutions to help institutional consultants better serve their clients by underpinning the research process. It allows consultants to…

  • Provide a unique understand of how institutional investors and their consultants are evaluating and analyzing their performance.
  • Distinguish their fund from competitors’ by gaining a deeper understanding of performance managers.
  • Preform deeper due diligence in a more productive and efficient manner.
  • Understand the market environments that the fund will perform best.
  • Identify factor exposures and associated risks.
  • Know if a fund is exposed to risks from crowded trades.
  • Help managers understand their performance in the context of their peers.

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