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  Portfolio Optimizer

Investment Risk Analysis Tools to Build Optimized Portfolios

Investment Risk Analysis Tools to Build Optimized Portfolios


The Portfolio Optimizer module provides users with the ability to build optimized portfolios of managers utilizing both our predictive manager skill metric as well as traditional risk/return metrics. The Module goes beyond a traditional optimizer by providing a way to maximize our forward looking measure of manager skill within a customized risk framework. It replaces raw alpha estimates based on historical performance with Aapryl’s proprietary alpha estimates. The Module’s optimization framework also provides users with the flexibility to target various objectives and constraints. It also has unique functionality that allows users to optimize portfolios based on the economic cycle. Users have flexibility to constrain a portfolio along commonly used attributes as well as to input custom attributes of their own.

Portfolio Optimizer

Aapryl’s Portfolio Optimizer module goes beyond the industry standard mean-variance optimization programs that use risk and return to create an efficient frontier of portfolios. Using our patent pending forward looking methodology, users are able to create portfolios that maximize the level of manager skill.

How Portfolio Optimizer Works

Start a Portfolio Optimizer

Rebalance an existing portfolio, or construct a new portfolio optimizing on manager skill or other commonly used criteria while setting customized constraints.

Select Target Funds

Select target funds and constraints to be used for the construction of your portfolio. Specify which target goal to maximize and which risks to minimize.

View Optimized Portfolio

View and analyze your optimized portfolios

Portfolio Optimizer Highlights for Risk Analysis Performance

  • Provides users with a customized optimization framework to build portfolios which are constructed of multiple managers and products.
  • Incorporates Aapryl’s proprietary alpha estimates into optimizations.
  • Optimizes portfolio weightings for managers, given the objectives and constraints of the user.
  • Provides a framework to understand how portfolios will perform at various points in the economic cycle.
  • Identifies potential gaps in portfolio composition in regard to covering the full economic cycle and quickly identifies products to fill those gaps.
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